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Update about music.

So, I haven't posted in a long time. The talent show went okay. Though one of my fingers slipped in the middle of it. Oh well. Lots of compliments.
Anyways, I'm going to be playing at my church for Mother's Day too. Jusy some Hymn kind of stuff. I don't know. But it's all good. I'm actually making some progress with piano. My new piano teacher, who the my third teacher, and is also my church band conductor, is actually teaching me stuff. I can now play stuff using chords, which makes learning songs so much easier. This is all because I did good when he tested me the first time to see how was I in piano. My sister wasn't so good. So she's still doing songs from the piano book. I might start putting up piano covers on Youtube, when I come up with a good username.
Bass playing is going along well. My
fingers now longer hurt when fretting, though skin peels off. What sucks is that I can't use a pick, since I'm a lefty using a right handed bass, so it doesn't work out. But I won't get a left-handed bass. I'm pretty good with my fingers. I need an actual bass amp. What I'm using now is just this old karaoke machine thing, where I plugged the cable in the input, where you're supposed to put the mic in. It would he also nice to have an effect pedal or something. I want a nice, more distorted sound, but the only I can get close to that is by cranking up the volume on the thing, which makes it sound not so good.
Today, I realized that I can still learn guitar. I gave up because I hated chords. I only know A minor. I have an acoustic guitar. The strings are so much thinner than the bass strings.
I'm working on screaming. It's hard. I can't make noise. I can't inward scream. I'm not good at intentionally good high screams.
Anyways, I'll update on more stuff later.

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Playing around with my bass guitar is all I do now. It's really simple, you just have to understand tabs and stuff. I'm learning some random songs from Paramore, MSI, My Chemical Romance, and whatever. It's fun. But it just really hurts my fingers. I have to either stop for a while, or get a bass pick. But I should really stop, since I have the talent show coming up, which I have yet to perfect the song. I have to get around to finishing the song up, and I can't play bass, because then my fingers would hurt too much to play. .-. Procrasination sucks.

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Sharebear is the most annoying person you will ever meet. :3 She's a hater. And enjoys making my life miserable. She never shuts up about The Beatles, frienemies, and band teachers. On the bright side, she has a Nyan Cat named Ringo, a crazy poodle dog named Cookie, and enjoys memes. She likes making my headaches worse. She pretends to "love" me when I get mad at her. She's a Paramore hater. She's a wannabe. She thinks she can act ghetto. -.- And she's reading this right now, like a stalker. Hiya, Sharonnnnnnmnnn c: Love yuh. If you know what I mean ;D

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I just realized how much better I feel after writing a couple poems. It fun to have to think up of rhymes and make sure everything fits together. But it really helps me vent. When I'm really pissed off, I can just go on Notes via iTouch and let everything out. Then, you make some of it rhyme and poetic, and it could be a song. Whatever. That would be cool just to make this one long poem/song thing just about everything that's been bothering me lately. I can't think of any other way to take everything out without hurting myself or others or anything. Some people say that they can kinda just let out their anger on their instruments by playing them. I don't get that. If I tried doing that, I'll probably just end up breaking the thing. And then there's art. I gave up on that. So, I guess writing is the only option for now. Whatever.

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Paper. (Poem)


I am blinding white and smooth.

I am expressionless until my friend

The pen

Tattoos me with his words and drawings.

He can make me cheerful, or he can make me angry.

He can bring his friends, the colored pencils,

And they can create a colorful story on me.

I dream of someday becoming something amazing,

Something people can admire all day.

I don’t want to end up in the trash, forgotten forever.

I’m afraid of being crumbled up or stabbed until

I’m useless garbage.

Hatred. (Poem)


I start out unnoticeably small but 

I slowly build up, feeding on lies and betrayal.

My enemy is Love,

Because it often conquers over me

And extinguishes me out, until I am nothing again.

I enjoy tearing apart relationships and causing trouble

Even though I sometimes get carried away, and

Destroy the person I live in.

I am cold and unforgiving,

But blind and careless.

One of my best friends is Fear

Because he helps me develop

And fights off Love until I’m strong enough.


First off, never joke about suicide. It's a crazy serious thing. Also, don't commit suicide. You might feel that your life is horrible, you're useless, and you can't go on, but all of that's not true. Everything happens for a reason. There's always hope. And always know that no matter how bad things are, there's always gonna be someone out there worse off than you. No friends? There's people out there with no friends or family. No matter how long your dark tunnel is, theres always gonna be a light at the end. Don't give up. Killing yourself just shows that you're weak, and you can't handle what life is throwing at you. If you want to kill yourself because of the death of a loved one, don't. Everyone dies. You can't stop death from happening. It was just time for that person to die. Whether it's from old age, illness, cancer, or anything. They lived their life, and it was time for them to leave. Want to end your life because of a relationship? Why would you want to show that person how weak you are? That's just stupid. A lot of reasons people kill themselves is because of themselves. People think they're too ugly/stupid/fat/retarded/etc. to keep on living. Don't let people bring you down with hurtful words and insults. No one is perfect. No one thinks they're perfect. You were made to look/be that way. It makes you unique. It makes you original. People who bully you are just jealous. Be proud of who you are. Don't let anyone degrade you by calling you, for example, a "nerd." You're just smart. Labels like that are just meant to make you seem worse then you really are. Another reason people get into suicide is because they feel hated. They feel like no one understands them, no one cares, or loves them at all. There is someone out there who understands/cares/loves you. Family, friends, classmates, teachers...Commiting suicide is not the answer. It'll hurt everyone around you. More people than you know. It's selfish to cause pain to others like that. If you really feel like killing yourself, call the suicide hotline, or talk to someone. Anything. Just don't end your life. To whoever's reading this, I love you^^ and not in that creepy way. It's just in that I-love-everyone kind of way. <3 Stay Strong. ✌

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So stressed right now. I have high school registration tomorrow, which makes me a little nervous. I also have to start working on this Energy-Saving Poster Contest thing that I have to do for Science. Then there's the Solo contest for band. This always freaks me out, because since I'm a procrastinator, I always end up barely getting enough practice for the solo, which is a really hard one this year. But it's going to be my last solo contest, so whatever. But the thing that's stressing me out the most is my school's first talent show. I decided to join it, because, if I'm not going to face my fears now, when will I? In high school, with twice as many people in the audience? I can't let my fears take over and control me anymore. Music is my only outlet, so I might as well bring it a step further, by actually performing on stage. I'm planning on playing a piano duet with my friend, since being in the spotlight alone is too much for me right now. We're gonna play an anime song, probably L's Theme, since she knows how to play it. That way, if one of us make a mistake, it would probably be covered up by the other. I only have a week to get ready, which is crazy. But, I should at least try out at auditions, so I can at least say I tried. Being "on stage" always was a crazy thing for me. It was a little easier when we would have band concerts, since we have about 60 band members, which gives me less attention. Even if I'm in the front, at least it counts for something. I'm just really scared. If I screw up now, who knows when I'll get another chance? Thinking about this kind of stuff always keeps me up at night, so I should just get on with it and get it off my chest. If I can do this, I'll be able to continue on with music. It's either I take the risk now, or regret it later.

Social Anxiety

"Social Anxiety-A mental disorder that stops people from living the lives that they always dreamed of. Everyday when you step foot outside of your house, it;s like constant anxiousness, ad you can't really do anything. It's horrible, and I wouldn't wish it on anybody. It can get so bad that people can't leave their houses because it's not worth it. You'll never understand what it's like, unless you have it yourself. A lot of people think that it's people overreacting and being shy, but they really have no clue. This disorder often comes with other disorders, like depression, bipolar, etc. This disorder can be treated successfully, but people with social anxiety are too scared or embarrassed to ask for help. I think that many people get misdiagnosed when they do ask for help. So many people turn to drugs or alcohol to help them find relief. People with S.A.D. are misunderstood and I get in trouble because I don't talk loud enough and don't do homework assignments (like book reports) so that I don;t have to do oral presentations. I can't leave the house by myself. And a really miserable part of any anxiety disorder is panic attacks which cause people with the disorder to think they're dying or going crazy.  gs or alcohol to help them find relief." -U.D. 

Writer's Block: This is a Recording

Shut Me Up- MSI
Mark David Chapman- MSI
Straight To Video- MSI
Molly- MSI
Ignorance- Paramore
The Only Exception- Paramore
That's What You Get- Paramore
Almost All Of The Other Paramore songs. <3
Cassie- Flyleaf
Beautiful Bride- Flyleaf
All Around Me- Flyleaf
Breathe Today- Flyleaf
Take One Last Breath- Abandon All Ships
Guardian Angel- Abandon All Ships
Happy Song- Liam Lynch
Love The Way You Lie- Eminem/Rihanna
I Write Sins Not Tragedies- Panic! At The Disco
Jar Of Hearts- Christina Perri
Turbo Swag- Attack Attack!
The Sharpest Lives- My Chemical Romance
Move- Thousand Foot Krutch
Fireflies- Owl City
What Is Love- Nevershoutnever
We Are Broken- Paramore